Hack-a-thon Blog Tour: Day One
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Hack-a-thon Blog Tour: Day One

One of my favorite things to do at any time of year, but especially when t is the start of a new season (Hello FALL!!!), is to look at high end magazines or online shops and say - I can make that!  I look at the patterns I have on hand and figure out how to hack my way into owning all the things I can't afford to buy!!!

So what is a hack???  Well it is anytime you take a base pattern and make a minor change to it to create something new.  I love hacking so much, that you can find a bunch of tutorials and free pattern add ons to hack many of the WWD patterns into something new.

All week long we will be showing off inspired hacks and having daily giveaways in the WWDFun FB group... so make sure you are stopping by daily!!!

These are just a few of my favorite hacks 
(click any picture below to go directly to the hack or add on):





There are so many more if you search around, but Jess of Jot Design is here today to show off her hack of the Omega.  I love this so much, and have a similar inspiration pin that I've been dying to make.  Go check out her gorgeous top!!!

Don't miss out on any of the stops along the tour!!!!

Jess of Jot Designs




Patricia of Sew Far North
Livia of Liviality

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