12 Days of Christmas 2021: Day 8 Aprons for the Whole Family
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12 Days of Christmas 2021: Day 8 Aprons for the Whole Family

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 On the Eighth Day Of Christmas, Winter Wear Designs gave to me...Aprons for the WHOLE Family!!!

For me, the holidays are quite a bit about food - and from reading your responses the other day about your happy foods, it looks like it is for a lot of you as well!

Well, if you are going to spend time in the kitchen, you need a good apron.  And working in the kitchen is a family affair at my house, so aprons in a variety of sizes are a must.

This new Apron pattern features 2 Kids sizes and 3 Adult sizes so that everyone can get in on the fun.  You can blend sizes for a custom fit that you can't find in a store.

These aprons are great for your family or great to give as gifts - with flexible sizing they are perfect for anyone on your list!

Check Out What our Elves Whipped Up

This is a great basic pattern that you can play with to create any vision in your head.  Our amazing elf, Christina, made a reversible apron with an adorable ruffled trim.

To make your apron reversible, you just need to cut 2 of your main apron piece.  If you want any pockets, attach them to one of your main apron pieces before joining them together.   Once you get to the facing step, lay your two main apron pieces right sides together.  Sew around the perimeter, leaving a 2 inch opening.  Turn the apron right sides out and press well.  You can hand stitch the opening closed or your can top stitch around the entire perimeter.

And that sweet ruffle?  Just double the bottom of your apron and cut a band 5-8 inches wide depending on how wide you want your finished ruffle.  Press the band in half along it's length and gather the raw edge.  Adjust your gathers until the ruffle matches your apron.  Baste to the bottom of one of your main apron pieces and finish the remainder of your construction.


Kitchen Gifting

Earlier in the 12 Days we also gave the Towel Topper, but did you know that WWD has a whole list of fun Kitchen Freebies that we've done throughout past 12 Days of Christmases?
Get your hands on all of these freebies that make GREAT gifts!
TOTEally Awesome Bag
Bowl Covers
Produce Bags
*these three are FREE - no codes needed

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