The 12 Days Of Christmas: Day 6, Getting Wild with the FREE Animal Sca
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The 12 Days Of Christmas: Day 6, Getting Wild with the FREE Animal Scarf

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Can we tell that this was my year for cuteness... and unicorns, HA!  You can ask my elves about my original mood board for the 12 days of Christmas, I think 70% of it was unicorn inspiration.

These animal scarves are the perfect scarf for anyone on the go.  No fancy knot tying skills required!!!  If your kids are like mine, they can't tie a scarf, or keep one on that is supposed to wrap around them.  Infinity scarves stay on, but Beckett wears glasses and with all Mack's hair, those are jsut a disaster waiting to happen on any given day.  So what is a mom to do to keep her kiddos warm all through the winter???  I designed these scarves so that the tail end slides through a slot created by the face and the main scarf.  It is easy enough for them to do and undo but holds the scarf securely in place so that they can run wild and free without scarves flying away to be lost forever on playgrounds and buses.
Pick a face and you are off to the races.  We have a Fox/Wolf, Unicorn/Horse, Snake, Penguin, and Raccoon.  these guys are so much fun, but they are just a starting point.  Get creative and add your own embellishments to create any animal you want. (Some other ideas in the elf group were a shark, an owl, and a deer).
You can also make a plain version for adults who want a more subdues but still warm and comfy scarf.  Add a monogram or other decorative detail and you have the perfect gift for teachers, friends and all the other women in your life!  
Here are some examples of what my Elves sewed up:

Get the pattern FREE with code in the Winter Wear Designs Fun Group!!!
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