Winter Wear Designs 12 Days Of Christmas: Day One
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Winter Wear Designs 12 Days Of Christmas: Day One

12 days of Christmas Free pattern pajamas PJ Pants

The 12 Days of Christmas are here, and we're kicking this shindig off with an AMAZING pattern.... FOR.FREE!!!

Introducing the Kids' PJ Pants.  These are a great versatile pajama pant pattern that is perfect for all your Christmas PJ needs along with making sure your kiddos aren't going to bed naked all year long.  Get the FREE CODE in the Winter Wear Designs Fun Group.

I love sewing up Christmas PJ's for my kiddos... it is something I've done ever since my daughter's first Christmas... and even though I typically am cursing at the least minute to get them done, I just love seeing them being worn.  So this year, it was time that my Pj's for my kidlets came from my own pattern.  But here is the deal - I like options.  Sometimes I like flannel PJ's, sometimes fleece, sometimes super comfy cotton lycra... so what's a girl to do?????

Well off a pattern that works with all of the above, DUHHHHH!!!!

I put my team of Elves through their paces as we figured out what the pattern needed to fill all the needs from a classic straight leg woven PJ to a comfy knit jogger style PJ.  They turned it out in glorious style!!!

We paired up these great pants with the EBTKS Henley - which you can grab for just $3, no code needed.

So there you go, PJ's for all - come back tomorrow to see what day TWO has in store... I'll give you a little hint, Mamas need some love at Christmas too!!!

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