12 Days of Christmas: Day Four, the Dragon&Unicorn Pillow
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12 Days of Christmas: Day Four, the Dragon&Unicorn Pillow

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The twelve days of Christmas, Day four - and this might just be my favorite... of course they are all my favorite!

Today is something a little bit whimsical, a little bit magical, and a whole lot of fun.  My daughter is obsessed with unicorns, but then again, what 5 year old little girl isn't???  She is at that stage where she loves anything 'special', anything that glitters, anything that just makes her smile.  Thus was born the Unicorn Pillow.  This sweet friend is an easy sew with just enough cuteness factored in that it draws the instant 'Awwwwwwwwww'.

But I couldn't have JUST a unicorn... I mean my boys can name every single My Little Pony and all their friends, but they don't want a unicorn on their bed.  Come ON mom.  But they do love dragons, and dinosaurs, and things to cuddle with.  So this awesome pattern can be created into either a Dragon or a Unicorn.  Play with fun fabrics and embellishments to really bring your dragon friend to life.

The pillows have an over-sized pocket on the back that allows for last night's pajamas, a good book or two, an ipad, or any other treasure your child wants to hide there.

This pattern can be made from woven or knit!  The zip file contains the pattern for the pillow along with the cut files to make either the Dragon or Unicorn face in SVG, silhouette, or PDF form.  You can also use the PDF to cut pieces from fabric to applique on to make the details of your creature.  Or transfer the markings onto the front of your pillow and use fabric markers or embroidery to bring the  details to life.

Here are some of the cute creations my Elves came up with!

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