Sew Yourself Some Love: Night to Day with the Y Back Slip Dress
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Sew Yourself Some Love: Night to Day with the Y Back Slip Dress

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 Welcome back to DAY 2 of our Sew Yourself Some Love Blog Tour as we take a deeper look at the Y Back Sleep Set.

I love that we live in the age of 'lounge wear'.  That yoga pants and a tank are as acceptable at the gym as they are at brunch or hanging with the kids at the park.  As much as I love gorgeous historical pieces, I am so glad that I don't personally have to be bogged down by all the undergarments to create those silhouettes or all the societal rules of what can be worn where, when, and why.  We have a lot of freedom of choice in our daily wear and I'm all for it....I'm also all for a monthly ball, anyone....??????

So yes, the Y Back Sleep Set is designed for 'sleep', for lounging, for hanging at home.  BUT that doesn't mean it can't easily go out into the day.  There is no hack needed to transform this pattern from night to day, just some choices about fabric selection and overall fit.

Fabric Choice:

Many woven fabrics will work just as great for day time wear as they would for sleep wear - Rayon blends, Cotton Blends, Chambray, etc.... they key that you are looking for is the finish of the fabric.  Steer clear of sateens and silky blends that have any kind of shine on the right side of the fabric.  While shine isn't verboten for daytime wear, it definitely has more of a 'is that a nightgown' vibe.

 Next in fabric choice, think about the print.  There really are not any rights and wrongs when it comes to the print you love to wear, but kittens holding hearts might give more of a sleep wear vibe than something else.


The fit of a garment is always important, but the fit we want of garments we lounge in is slightly different than what we might want in garments we wear out of the house.  This set is designed to have a slightly loose fit so that there is plenty of room to easily move in your sleep without any pinching or discomfort that might wake you up.

For daytime wear, you may want the fit to be slightly closer to the body so that undergarments stay well hidden no matter how you move through your day.  Depending on how the base pattern fits you with no alterations, you might not need any changes at all.  If however you find that the gament is slightly loose under the arms, you can easily take the garment in along the top of the side seam.  And luckily for you, this alteration is already included in the garment instruction order!

Now that you know 'what' to do, let's hear from someone who has done it.  Debbie-Ann is here sharing her gorgeous slip dress that has me craving a margarita and some sand for my toes.


Whether you are in sleep , lounge  , vacation, swimwear or errands mode, the new YBack Sleep Set is perfect to wear !!

I made mine out of a summery flowery bright and chirpy fabric to herald in the summer months that are fast approaching.

What I love most about this new pattern ?

  •  I was able to whip this one up in under an hour.
  •  Love that the straps are adjustable
  • it has a facing but is unlined making it cooler to wear
  •  Bust darts for nice shaping
  • A subtle aline finish that makes it flow over your waist and hips and sits comfortably on you. I graded mine halfway between the medium and large cut lines  because I wanted to have a little more room .
  • The instructions has wonderful guides for adjusting to your body shape
  • It comes in a two pieces style too - that I am ready to try next week - that one I may actually sleep in!

 So if you are looking for a cute dress , this “sleepwear” is easily convertible to your lifestyle simply  by choosing the perfect fabric.

 You can grab the pattern here using my #aff link

I cannot wait to see what you make with your new Y Back Sleep set Pattern

Stick with us all week long to get more tips, tricks, and inspiration!!!

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