Sew Yourself Some Love 2021: The Y Back Sleep Set
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Sew Yourself Some Love 2021: The Y Back Sleep Set

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Welcome to this year's Sew Yourself Some Love Blog Tour featuring the Y Back Sleep Set.

We all know sleep is important - it helps our bodies heal, reduces stress, and represents about 1/3 of our lives.  And yet, I look at bed time and pull out the ugliest old t-shirts to put on and call it good.  Somewhere between babies, body changes, and exhaustion; I let go of anything that had style, anything that made me feel good about myself, and anything that wasn't comfortable.

Now that comfort part was a good thing - we deserve to be comfortable when we sleep.  But the other things were me giving up on me.  Me saying I wasn't worth the effort of new sleep wear, me saying that this third of my life didn't matter enough to feel good about myself.  And that is not how I want to live my life!!!  Now no one gets to define what makes you feel good about you at night - it might be thick socks to keep your toes warm, that worn in tee that feels like a cloud and fits just the way you like, and it might be nothing at all.  But the t-shirt casts offs with tears and stains that should have been tossed a decade ago aren't cutting it for me anymore.

Fast forward to one of our facebook group members posting some beautiful inspiration, and I just knew that I wanted to start off 2021 with new sleep wear for myself - and if I'm making it for myself, I might as well make some patterns for all of you too.

If you haven't had a chance to fully check out the brand new Y Back Sleep Set, this week we're going to give you all the details from fabric selection to styling this for daytime, we've got everything to help you fall in love with sleep wear.  And since we want everyone to get to experience and fall in love with this pattern - we are continuing our new release pricing through Friday!!!!  

Let's jump right in:

This sleep set is designed for woven fabrics.  You get both a Y Back Slip in multiple lengths and cute shorties with a curved hem and two rise options.  With classic lines, these patterns can be sewn up to create simple looks or easily dressed up with lace details.  The delicate Y back can be created with adjustable straps using bra slides or a simple tie back feature.  The Slip features bust darts for shaping.  The Shorts sit just above the high hip (not at the natural waist).  There are two rise options on the shorts:  Low Front or Straight Front.  The Low Front has full coverage in the rear and then angles down to the side seam and curves down in front.  The Straight Front has the same full coverage for the bum, but then does not angle down as much at the side seam and comes straight across the front for fuller front coverage.

 Slip Options

  • Petite, Regular, or Diagonal Lace Hem Top Options
  • Above the Knee Length Dress

Shorts Options:

·       Regular Hem

·       Lace Hem

·       Triangle Side Inserts

·       Low Front Rise or Straight Front Rise (shorts sit at high hip, not natural waist)

So, I get lots of questions about the bra slides... they sound so scary, so 'extra', so outside the normal notions if you haven't yet ventured into bra making or certain swimwear.  But these are not complicated or expensive notions.  I found mine on Amazon and got a whole bunch for under $10, there are all different colors and materials available.  I kept it classic with silver for versatility and now I'm excited that I have the right things to eventually dive into more advanced bra and swim making for myself.
Here's what you're looking for:
Now if you don't want to go buying extra things, but still want to try the slides, check your drawer for old bras that have gotten worn out or don't fit anymore.  Cut them apart and steal the hardware!!!!

Now for those that are still unsure, guess what...... there are options that don't use any hardware at all!!!!!!!!!!  Woot Woot - we've got you covered no matter what you want to do!!!!

The next question that comes around often is  - 'which fabric should I use'???

This is a great question, and fabric selection is going to be huge to you enjoying getting to sleep in your new PJ Set!  This pattern is designed for non stretch - WOVEN fabrics.  I really love things that fluidity - what we in the sewing world call good drape.  I like things to feel a bit cool against my skin, and I don't want them to feel scratchy at all!!!  I did however use stretch lace on my two piece set becasue I found it softer than the non stretch options I had in my stash.

Here's a look at some of the Tester's Fabric Choices:

Rayon Challis

Cotton Sateen/Charmeuse Satin/Silky Poly Blends:

Quilting Cotton:

Stick with us all week for inspiration and fun hacks!!!


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