Magnolia Blog Tour Day Two: All The Hacks!
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Magnolia Blog Tour Day Two: All The Hacks!

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 Welcome back to day 2 of our Magnolia Re-launch Blog Tour!!!

The Magnolia is one of those patterns that has been around so long, you might not even know it exists.  The Magnolia was first released in 2016 and was one of my early patterns after I'd decided to dive headlong into this whole 'pattern design' thing.  From the very beginning it was a pattern that I loved to wear.  It was always comfortable, always flattering, and worked with a huge variety of fabrics that I could grab from my stash.  The base pattern includes a gajillion options with neckline, hem, length, and sleeve length variations.  But almost from the beginning, I started hacking this pattern to make even more versions.

The first hacks were pretty basic - how to add a lace hem, how to cut the back on the fold, how to add a cute chest pocket.

Then I stumbled upon my favorite hack - the Cowl Neck Add on.  This has been my favorite fall and winter dress since I made it - it is getting pretty worn out now, but I still keep hoping it will make it through just one more season!

Soon I was playing with sleeves; hacking a cold shoulder sleeve, adding a bell sleeve, and making a sleeveless version.

Then I decided to play with the hem - creating a fun double scoop dress that is one of my absolute favorite spring dresses now.

And you and forget the great Color Block Hack of the Magnolia - I really wanted to copy a top I'd seen online with a lace yoke - and what other base pattern would I use but the Magnolia - HA!

If you're keeping count - that is 7 Hacked Magnolias that I've made and wear in regular rotation - and that isn't counting all my 'regular' ones - I keep looking for new fun ways to play with this pattern becasue it is just as much my favorite WWD pattern today as it was 5 years ago.

If you have been wanting to try out a WWD pattern, don't miss out on getting this incredibly versatile pattern that you are going to love to sew and love to wear even more for just $3!!!!

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