Magnolia Sew&Tell: Chest Pocket Add On
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Magnolia Sew&Tell: Chest Pocket Add On

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Remember how I said there would be PRIZES!?!??!
Well today I want to tell you a little more about one of the prizes and the sponsor behind it, Girl Charlee.  I've been a huge Girl Charlee fan for years, they carry a wide variety of fabrics and have these great bundle sales where you can get a bunch of fabric on the cheap - as a girl looking for a deal this is what first hooked me.  But I've honestly never been disappointed with an order I've placed with them.  I love that they include the weight of their fabric along with the intended uses, this helps me greatly in picking the best fabrics for the right projects.

Girl Charlee is generously offering one lucky Magnolia Sew&Tell participant a $40 gift card.  WOHOO!!!  Yeah, that will help make all your magnolia dreams come true.

Here are some of my current top picks:

love this color way
How fun for Christmas!
such a gorgeous deep green
lace - I have such a lace obsession!

Today's Pattern Add On and Tutorial is of course sewn up in Girl Charlee knit.  This soft jersey is  one of my favorites and one that I have another shirt sewn up in that I wear all summer long.
While the exact print is no longer in stock at GC, this print is pretty similar


This pocket was completely inspired by my good friend Rachel when she sewed up her own Magnolia, so I figured we all needed to get in on the chest pocket band wagon.  Grab your pattern piece in the Winter Wear Designs Fun FB group.

Pocket Tutorial:

  • Cut your Magnolia pieces and cut 1 pocket piece.
  • Turn the top edge to the wrong side 3/8 inch and press.
  • Turn the top edge 1/2 inch to the RIGHT side and press again. 
  • Stitch from the top edge to the folded edge along the sides using a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Back tack the beginning and end. 
  • Turn the top fold right side out - use a chopstick or turning tool to push out your corners. 
  • Press the sides and bottom edges in 3/8 inch and press well.
  • Press and topstitch along the bottom of your top fold.  
  • Place the pocket on your Shirt Front and pin in place.  I always hold the front piece on myself and place where most flattering, for me this was about 1inch in from the unfinished neckline.
  • Stitch the sides and bottom of the pocket in place with a long straigh stitch, zig zag stitch or twin needle.
  • Voila - a Chest Pocket for your Magnolia

No Seam Back:

Sometimes you just don't want a seam down the back of your Magnolia.  And then it is time to go the seamless route.  100% fine, but you need to make one tiny change.  Shift your back pattern piece 3/8 of an inch over the fold of your fabric.  This will account for seam allowance and prevent your back and neck from ending up 3/4 of an inch too wide.

Don't forget to share those Magnolias with us #magnoliasewandtell - and check out all the great fabrics at Girl Charlee!
Find all the details about the Magnolia Sew&Tell HERE

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