Magnolia Sew&Tell: Fabric from LDGTextiles
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Magnolia Sew&Tell: Fabric from LDGTextiles

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I'm super excited to talk about today's Magnolia Sponsor,  LDG Textiles.  LDG was a 'new to me' company, so I figured they might be new to you as well.  This is a family run small business based out of LA that know what they are doing.  LDG carries a wide variety of apparel knits making them the perfect one stop shop for all your Magnolia needs.  We can all thank Jackie for throwing this shop in my lap, once I knew of their existence I did a bit of Black Friday shopping for myself.  LADIES!!!!!   These fabrics are dreamy.  I ordered 2 colorways of Ribbed Sweater Knit, a Chunky mottled Sweater Knit, and a variety of Brushed Poly.  Everything is divine and washed up beautifully and I'm showing you two of the things I have made so far in this post... I've been too Magnolia obsessed to get any leggings done yet, but those are next!

So why am I sooooooooooooooooooo excited!?!?!  Because one of you is going to win a Medium Flate Rate box stuffed full of LDG goodness.  OMGOMGOMG!!!Did that light a fire under you to get sewing!?!?  Just look at these pretties:

Here is my Chunky Sweater Knit Magnolia - I didn't have time to even finish the hem, but wanted you all to see how awesome it is!

And of course the main event.  This ribbed sweater knit is devine.  So soft and luxurious with just he right amount of stretch, drape, and recovery.  I have a feeling this baby will be getting worn too often, but I think you all can see why!

Check out all the goodies for you at LDGTextiles, and join their FBgroup where they have special sales and small lot goodies that you wont want to miss!

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