Women's Blazer Sew Along: Part 2
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Women's Blazer Sew Along: Part 2

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I am so excited by all of the people participating so far in the Blazer Sew Along.  If you are still on the fence about getting involved, join in - you aren't behind!
Here is the official schedule - don't feel confined by the deadlines, this is simple the order and speed at which I'll be going over things with you all.  The key is to GET STARTED!!!!!  Cause it is kinda hard to finish something if you never start.  If you need the Patterns, head over to the website before I remember to make them back up to full price!
So today, we cut!
This pattern isn't all that hard in the cutting.  
You have 5 main pieces: 
  • Front Center
  • Back Center
  • Front Side
  • Back Side (which is the same as front side!)
  • Sleeve
Then you have your detail pieces:
  • Front Facing
  • Back Facing
  • Collar
  • Welt Pocket Flap (optional)
  • Welt Pocket (optional)
  • Ruffles (optional)
  • ***If you are doing a full lining, you will cut your BC, FS, BS, and Sleeves out of lining fabric.  You will not need the Back Facing unless you want to add it as a decorative piece stitched on top of your back lining.
Make sure to pay attention to the grain lines (straight lines with up down arrows).  You want to make sure that these lines run straight along the grain of your fabric - particularly important if you are using a pattern or print.
Large Prints
Now, if you are using a plaid or large scale pattern, you may want to 'fussy cut' your pieces.  All this means is that you are going to take extra time to line up the seams of  each piece, so that when they are joined together the pattern is uninterrupted.  Now chances are that you will need more fabric for a large scale print fussy cut jacket, so lay out your pieces first to make sure that they will all fit when you match the print.
Here is a great video tutorial I found to help you perfectly line up those prints:
Mixing It up:
I'm combining the Giverney and the Phresh Blazers for my Sew Along Jacket.  I'm using the Front of the Giverney and the rest of the Phresh Blazer.  This way I get the lapel of the Giverney with the fit and pockets of the Phresh.  If you have any questions about mixing up your pattern pieces or a different spin you want to play with, just ask!
If youa re making the Giverney Blazer, you have the option of the pleated front or the flat front.  You can see in the picture above that I have gone with the flat front.
Go ahead and attach interfacing to your collar and welt pocket flap pieces.
Now you are all cut out!  Tomorrow we will start working on the ruffles and the bias tape.  So if you aren't doing ruffles and are using store bought bias tape, you get to take the day off.  
Join the Event for all the updates and to sew along!

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