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Women's Blazer Sew Along

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Yay, it is that time again, time for a Sew Along.  So what is this 'sew along' of which you speak.  Well basically it just means that you sew along with me as I sew the Phresh Blazer (you can also sew the Giverney, I'll be giving tips for both).  Through out the time frame I'll have tips for how to do things, funny anecdotes to prove I'm human, and of course a time line to give you motivation to get it done.

Today and over the weekend these are your goals:
1 - Print the pattern
2 - Measure yourself and pick your size
3 - Cut your pattern for your size
4 - Pick and wash your fabric

Printing Tips:

  • Make sure you are printing through Adobe.  Set your settings to Actual Size or printing at 100% or scaling 0.
  • Check the 2 inch square box on page 55 (page 5 of the pattern pieces) to ensure that your printer is printing correctly.
  • Tape the pages together by matching the boarders on each page and the triangles to create diamonds. 
Measuring Tips:
Ok - we're getting real here - measure, measure, and measure again!!!  You need to have current measurements any time you are sewing a new garment - cause guess what, old garments can get stretched out or shrink over time so what you think is still your size might not be.  

I have some great fit notes in the pattern on page 6 and the measurement chart is on page 3.

Let's talk Size Chart. My size charts all state the lowest possibly number you would measure to be in that size.  So for example a size M covers a 35.5 - 37.5 inch bust.  If you fall anywhere in that spectrum, you are a M.  "But Suzanne, I always wear a M and this chart says I am a L" - trust the chart, double check those measurements and then trust!  "But Suzanne, my bust is a M and my hips are a L, should I just do a L?" - Nope, this is one of those great things about sewing for ourselves, we get to customize!  Read through the suggested alterations and blend sizes to get a perfect fit.

Bust - this is sooooooo important.  You need to measure your bust wearing a real bra that you would potentially be wearing with this blazer.  Don't measure braless, don't measure in your sports bra or compression work out top, and don't measure over a bulky sweater!  Each of these things will severely effect the fit of your finished garment by potentially putting you in the wrong size.

If you have any questions, just ask!!!! I'm happy to help you figure out which size is going to work best for you based on measurements, and we'll be talking a lot more about fit based on body type on monday.  Follow along in the event group and ask questions!

Grab the Patterns for 25% off through the weekend!


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