Summertime Blog Tour 2020 Day Three
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Summertime Blog Tour 2020 Day Three

Happy Wednesday!!!!
We've made it half way through the week, and I have to say my sewing inspiration meter is already heading through the roof.  This year has not been the best so far at motivating my creativity, but there is something about the pure joy of simple summer sews that makes me ready to dive into my stash and see where the creativity takes fact I've spent the last two days coming up with some adorable things for my daughter....but you'll have to wait until later in the week to see those!
Today we have two fan-filpping-tastic women whose creativity knows no bounds...and both their names start with a D, HA...but that's just a coincidence.  
First up, we have Diane of Sewing With D here to show off her Endless Summer Shorts (on sale for $4 this week) and Outer Banks Boat Neck....she's such a tease with this teaser image, but if you want to see how amazing she looks in this crisp summer ensemble, you're just going to have to head on over to her blog to read all about it!
Next I need everyone to say a BIG HELLO to Debbie Groves who is joining our blog tour team for the first time with this post!!!  Debbie caught my eye as an amazing tester and fabulous all around creative sewist, and I am thrilled that she agreed to join our team.  Debbie is guest posting here at WWD, so you can read all about her time sewing the Staple Skirt below. 
Over the weekend I took some time to sew The Staple Skirt by Winter Wear Designs!!
I made  my knee length skirt  in  grey linen fabric with no stretch. It was a fun sew and the instructions for inserting the zipper were clear to follow making it a breeze!
I finally got brave and busted out a decorative stitch on my new sewing machine using regular sewing thread.  The triple stitch  setting was  also super helpful to get a nice  topstitch look where the pattern called for it.
 I had so much fun creating my own design for the back pockets (using tailor tracing paper/ carbon paper and a free pattern I found online.)  But let me not insist that you sew pockets because the skirt is designed so that you can sew all 5 pockets or none at all, making it a super quick project!
I have two more skirts planned for dress down days at work, to run errands and wherever else life takes me. 
I would love if  you would come and join this sewing journey with me!

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