Summertime Blog Tour 2020 Day 4
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Summertime Blog Tour 2020 Day 4

Hey hey!!!  Today is day FOUR of the Summertime Blog Tour over here at Winter Wear Designs.  This blog tour has been so much fun so far.  Featuring many amazing patterns for Women - a bunch of them that are part of our Summertime $4 Sale!!!
Today we have four more blog posts with pattern inspiration for you and a fun giveaway over on our Facebook page - so check out all the makes, and head on over and join the conversation.
Livia  of Liviality kicks us off today with her sporty take on the Traveler Tee and Endless Summer Shorts - both part of our $4 sale!!!  Livia is known for her ability to transform any pattern into a killer modern look - she combines clean lines with the perfect fabrics for a closet full of handmade that I'd love to raid.  Head on over to her blog to read all about how she put this outfit together.
Next up we have Rachael of Sew Below the Willow Tree sharing her Endless Summer Shorts and Outer Banks Top....are we noticing a trend with that pattern pairing, gahhh they look so good together!  Rachael has lengthened her shorts to knee length...but you are going to have to head on over to her blog to see all the pictures and read all about it! 
Laurie of The Bear and The Pea Atelier is sharing her take on the Parisian Nights.  Over the years I've learned that Laurie can command any pattern or fabric to become an awesome outfit with a little bit of edge to match her style.  Her bold leopard print Parisian Nights PJ set (a $4 Sale Pattern) is a perfect have to head on over to her blog to see all the photos!!!
And I'm up last.... I've been pretty honest that COVID and quarantine and the uncertain nature of life in general pretty much froze my sew-jo momentum this spring.  As summer started pulling close I got the awesome news that my phenomenal mom would be able to come spend the summer with us and suddenly the warm air, birds, chirping, and knowledge that reinforcements were on their way started to thaw me out.  This blog tour was just what I needed to unleash some pent up creativity, and sewing has once again become a source of joy.

Instead of sewing for myself for this blog tour, I decided to sew for my daughter Mack.  Her smile warms my heart, and we are at the tail end of her 'little girl-hood'.  Her days of sweet summer dresses are numbered, so I'm going to milk them for all they are worth!!!!
Today's dress is a story of up-cycling - or sideways cycling, HA!  I was given a beautiful dress a few years ago for Mack, but it had a broken zipper.  I figured, no biggie, I'll replace it and she'll have a cute dress.... and time passed.  Suddenly my girl had grown too big for the bodice of the dress.  No matter, I thought, I'll just replace the bodice with a new one and reattach the skirt and she'll have a cute dress....and time passed.  And then Nana came, and saw the cute dress hanging in my studio, and sat and carefully detached the bodice from the skirt and removed the lining and petticoat, because Nana knew that time would continue to pass and that our days of possibly being able to remake this dress were numbered. 
I have many bodices that would have worked with this skirt, but I quickly gravitated to the Fleur Dress.  My girl is all about tank style things right now, and she loves back details that are fun - check and check.  While the Fleur design has pleats and flanges, I knew the existing gathered skirt would pair perfectly and it exactly matched the length needed for the 'vintage' above knee length.  The Fleur Dress and Tunic is one of our $4 Sale Patterns this week too!!!

Bada bing, bada boom and my girl has a new summer dress that she love and I love.  I was able to prety closely match the whites with an old white button up shirt of my husband's so all the fabric dress remained an upcycle project.  What a great way to dive back into my own love of sewing!!!

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