Sew Yourself Some Love 2020: Day 3
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Sew Yourself Some Love 2020: Day 3

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Welcome back to our Sew Yourself Some Love Blog Tour!!!
Sewing for myself has changed the way I look at fashion and my own body.  Modern ready to wear fashion is the first time in history that clothes were not custom made or tailored to the individual... we've moved in clothing ourselves from recognizing that ever body is an individual work of art to thinking our body is wrong if it doesn't fit perfectly into the traditional sizes sold at stores.
By sewing for ourselves, we can also reclaim loving ourselves in little and meaningful ways that will build us up every day as we get dressed.  So rock that FBA, embrace that broad shoulder adjustment, lengthen or shorten that dress until you find that perfect length to show off your legs, and blend sizes to get the custom fit that you love.
Everything I make has some kind of adjustment - I'm typically a size bigger in the hips than the chest and I have broad shoulders and longer than average arms.  The adjustments aren't huge, but taking the extra few minutes to do them makes a huge impact on how I feel in the the clothes I wear.  Once you've figured out your perfect adjustments, you can make them over and over to get custom fits every time!!!

Today on our blog tour we have the AMAZING Laura of Custom Made by Laura showing off the Banded Tee and how great it looks on both her and her sister!!!  You have to head over to her blog to read all about Laura's makes and her tips for fabric choice and thoughts on this pattern.
Don't forget to share all your makes in our FaceBook Group with #sewyourselfsomelove for the chance to win some cool swag!!!

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