Sew Yourself Some Love 2020: Day 1
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Sew Yourself Some Love 2020: Day 1

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February is often considered a month of love... we look for signs of love in a bouquet of flowers, some heart shaped chocolates, a silly card that sums up a magnitude of feelings, and if kids are involved - then all the time, money and love gets showered on them!!!  So, we're taking this moment to remind all sewists that they should take some time for themselves.  Maybe that is in the form of a glass of wine, reading a god book, going for a solo walk with great tunes, orrrrrrr maaaaayyyyyybeeeee it is carving out the time to sew something for yourself.

Have you been hesitant to sew your first garment for yourself, reluctant to tackle knit, putting off sewing jeans???  Now is the time - take this moment and start today!!!!

I'll admit that I've been in a complete sewing rut so far this year.  I lost my sew-jo and just haven't been in a rush to get it back.  But, I'm highly motivated by deadlines and blog tours provide just that - HA... and voila, sew-jo back!  I've gotten in ruts before, and I find that sewing something quick and comfy usually helps me break the stalemate.  The Vivacious V Neck was the perfect thing to fit the bill, and now I have a bushed hacci sweater dress that feels like a hug - how's that for sewing yourself some LOVE.


Don't forget to share all your makes in our FaceBook Group with #sewyourselfsomelove for the chance to win some cool swag!!!

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