Hello Summer Blog Tour: French Terry Endless Summer Shorts
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Hello Summer Blog Tour: French Terry Endless Summer Shorts

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 It's SUMMER, WOOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

School is officially out here and whether your kids are done, have a few days left, or are in the middle of their school year; we're going to celebrate summer this week on the blog - so pull up a pool chair, your favorite frosty beverage, and get ready to fall in love with summer sewing!!!!!

Today I'm kicking off this tour with shorts - becasue in summer, shorts are ESSENTIAL!  My Mack has turned 9 and is full on entering the tween stage - she wants very specific fits, colors, and is not afraid to tell me when I've done it all wrong.  Luckily, I learned pretty fast to listen hard, ask her a gazillion questions, and show her lots of inspiration photos before I start sewing for her.

This year, top of her list was new shorts.  And she likes short shorts, but they have to be comfy shorts. She's all about cartwheels and chasing and riding bikes right now - and that means shorts that can move with her through the day.  I took her shopping recently and we ran into the classic - things off the rack just don't fit her right - sigh and major eye roll.  So instead I used the trip as inspiration for what colors and styles she was drawn towards, and the thing she kept coming back to were French Terry Shorts.  I was all - we've got this!  And then I got home and found out all my french terry is pink - and the child is not into pink at the moment (unless you can convince her it is 'faded' red, mmmmhhhmmmm).  Luckily I happen to know one or two amazing online vendors that always have great FT in stock.  

Both of these pairs of shorts are the Kids' Endless Summer Shorts made with FT from Boho Fabrics.  I started with the simple grey pair to make sure I had the fit perfect for her.  I added about an inch of length to the bottom so that I could do a deeper hem - that was a detail I noticed on all the 'off the rack' shorts that she gravitated towards.  I also added faux ties to each pair and stitched through the elastic to give the waistband look that seems to be most on trend at the moment.

*The grey shorts have 2 rows of straight stitching through the waist band elastic and the yellow have two rows of zig zag stitching - I really love the look of both, but the zig zag might be my new favorite!

The first pair was a HIT - as in, the girl did not take them off for at least 48 hours, and even chose them as her last day of school outfit!  This pair is made with the Boho Blue/Grey French Terry Solid Knit.  This fabric is only 8oz - which I didn't realize when I ordered it, and maybe panicked a bit that it would be too thin, but once I washed it it was perfect for summer shorts.  They are light and breathable and hold their shape just fine for kids shorts.

With that success in the bag, I made her second pair in a gorgeous yellow and white 3/8 inch stripe....I suggested this fabric (she loves all shades of yellow), I bought this fabric, I snuggled and fell in love with this fabric....and then I realized that I had to MATCH the stripes.    Ughhhhhhh!  For those who know me, I am not the OCD stripe matching type.  I'm the wing is and call it good type.  But these are for my ever so pickier growing girl, and I knew mismatched stripes weren't going to cut it.  So I matched every dang one, even across the pocket...and have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself!

You can make your own amazing French Terry shorts -the Endless Summer Shorts are available in both Kids' and Adult sizing and are only $5 each.  For Mack's shorts, I did not go down in size becasue I wanted them to be a comfy fit, and while FT has good stretch, it is also a stable fabric with good recovery.

We're off to enjoy some summer - make sure to share your summer sewing adventures with us in our FaceBook Group!  


Make sure to stick with us all week long for sewing inspiration, pattern hacks, and tutorials about how to get the most out of your summer sewing!!!


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