Hello Summer Blog Tour: Color Block Fly Girl Tutorial
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Hello Summer Blog Tour: Color Block Fly Girl Tutorial

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Welcome back to DAY 2 of our 'Hello Summer' Blog Tour!
Yesterday we chatted about how essential shorts are to my growing child's wardrobe, and today we're going to talk about another of her summer must haves - BATHING SUITS!!!!
But first, we have an amazing blogger with us today sharing her hack of the Perfect Panel Tee into a muscle tank - omsqueeee, I am in love and am going to have to try this myself!  Head on over to Hwee Ke Lim's Blog,  KeKe Sews to read all about it and see and the photos!

Mack and I have a long history with swimsuits....she has been a fish since we first introduced her to the water, but as she entered the world of competitive swimming, we quickly realized that off the rack swimsuits didn't quite work for her.  This was the birth of the Fly Girl Racing Suit, and while I have two other swim patterns that I've sewn for her through the years, the Fly Girl is the one we make over and over and over again! Right now I make Mack the 14 width with the 10 length, this is a pretty easy suit to customize exactly to your child's measurements.
This year she needs a new 'team' suit for summer swim since her one from 2 years ago is on it's last legs.  2 years ago I altered the official team suit to fit her better, but this year the team decided not to do an official suit - that means I get to play!!!!
I took our trusty pattern and decided to give it some color blocking flair to get the shades of green and black that her team is known for.  I took some pictures through the process so that you could get creative and make your own color blocked suits this summer - it isn't hard, it just takes a bit of planning.
Color Blog Swim Suit Tutorial:
1) Trace the pattern pieces that you want to color block (or print a second copy).  You are making two copies so that you still have your original to cut the lining as one piece - this will make sure that the seams don't irritate your swimmer as they move!
2) Decide where you want your color blocking and draw lines.  I wanted curved lines, so I used my handy dandy french curve.  There is no 'right' to color blocking, just go with what works for you!  I wanted 1 center panel and 2 side panels on each side to show off my shades of green, so I drew two curves on my pattern piece.
3) Cut your second pattern apart along the drawn lines.
4) Make sure to mark where you need to add seam allowance, or trace again onto another piece of paper and add seam allowance.  When you cut in fabric, make sure you have added the seam allowance that you need - you can do 3/8 inch or 1/4 inch seam allowance when working with swim.
5) Sew the color blocked pieces together - make sure to use a stretch stitch, and optionally top stitch with a  coverstitch or zig zag.
6)Assemble the rest of your suit like normal and enjoy!
And of course the suit is perfect to wear with her new comfy French terry Endless Summer Shorts - did I mention she never takes those off!
This girl is thrilled with her new suit for summer swim.  Now she's asking for a 'play' suit....what is that exactly, I'm not sure yet...but I'm sure you'll see it as soon as I figure it out, HA!

Make sure to stick with us all week long for sewing inspiration, pattern hacks, and tutorials about how to get the most out of your summer sewing!!!


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