Hack-A-Thon Blog Tour Day Three: Cowl Neck Sweater Hack
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Hack-A-Thon Blog Tour Day Three: Cowl Neck Sweater Hack

banded tee buttons cowl Cowl Neck Sweater Hack sweater tutorial

Welcome back to day three of the Hack-a-thon Blog tour.  So far we on Monday we had a glimpse of the range of hacks I've done at WWD plus a gorgeous Omega from Jess of Jot Designs, then on Tuesday we were shown all SIX available hacks for the Magnolia with a stunning cowl neck hack from Laura of Custom Made by Laura (if you haven't seen the thread of new inspiration for future Magnolia Hacks, go check it out!!!), and now today we have two more hacks to get you excited about sewing up the wardrobe you want!!!

Today we get to see our first blog post from our newest and youngest member of the team - Gwen of Crafty Curly Couture.  Gwen is a self taught teen with tons of passion, drive, and insight into what the next generation wants to wear.  I am so excited to have her on the team to see what spins she takes on some WWD classics.  Today Gwen is showing off how easy it is to hack some of the WWD freebies, a simple combination of the Trendy Tank and Cross Hem Tee, and Gwen has the perfect white tee that we have all been dreaming of!!!!  Go to her Blog to see all her pictures and hear about her hack!!!


Today I'm jumping on the bandwagon with my newest hack.  If you've been on pinterest lately, or a number of sewing groups, I'm sure you have seen this picture pop up in your feed.  Oh comfy sweaters!!!! 

Well, I love the idea of sweaters, but I have 2 problems: 1- I hate to be hot, hate hate hate....so super thick sweaters are just not something I'll wear unless it is -20 outside (and while I live in the north, we rarely get negative numbers).  And 2 - I'm already a bit fluffy, so chunky oversized sweaters just make me look like a snowman or the stay puffed marshmallow man...great for Halloween, not so much for feeling confident in my daily life.  Any yet, I love this inspiration photo!!!!  So what is a girl to do???  Hack it herself of course...in a way she knows will be flattering and will get worn.

I started with a beautiful combination of sweater knits from Boho Fabrics.  The main sweater knit has great texture in a medium weight and a slightly open weave which makes it not as hot.  The fabric has beautiful drape and isn't chunky so it doesn't add bulk and works in a slim silhouette.  The ribbed sweater knit is awesome, I actualy used the wrong side of the fabric to get more of the loden green that matched the main fabric and is such a fall staple.  I loved using it at the cowl and cuffs.

Want to make your own???
Simple, grab your Banded Tee pattern.  Print out the Back Bodice, Sleeve, Sleeve Cuff, Cowl and the Front Bodice x 2.  Yep, 2 of the front bodice pages... it will make sense in a minute.

Cut out your Sleeve, Sleeve Cuff, and Cowl as directed in the instructions.

Cut your Back bodice with a slight curve to the back (I dropped the center back at the fold about 2 inches for mine)

For the Front Bodice, take your 2 front bodices and tape them together along the center.

Mark where the bottom of the armscye starts to flatten, and about 1/3 of the total width from the opposite side seam at the hem.

Draw a curve connecting those two points.  Cut along the curve and remove the lower portion of the paper pattern.  What remains is now your Front Bodice piece and you will cut 2 mirror image.

Finish the front curved edges by turning 3/8 inch, then again 3/8 inch to the wrong side and stitching in place.

Lay the two fronts right side to wrong side with the right sides facing up and baste together along the armscyes and neck line.

Sew the remainder of the pattern as written.

At the end add your buttons and strap.  I made my strap 10 inch x 4 inch.  I sewed it as a tube with a finished end and then attached it when I attached my buttons.

And there you go, a super fun, not too thick, cozy and flattering sweater for the cooler days ahead!


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