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Boys Can Wear Pink

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It is so fun to be back this year with another contribution to 'Boys Can Wear Pink'!  I love breaking the notion that a gender can own or be excluded from a color.  Historically it just has never been true in fashion so why perpetuate a myth.  My kids get the range of the rainbow to dress in, and it is totally cool that Mack's favorites are pink and purple and Asher's worst WORST favorite (meaning least favorite in 5 year old speak) is pink - ok Ash, I hear ya, no pink for you this year.  But that leaves my Beckett, my middle child, my dramatic story teller, my lover of people and crusher of bugs, and he just happens to think pink is pretty cool.

So this year I sew for Beckett - and I created him some new PJs (although don't be surprised if this outfit makes it to school or the playground).  I started with some Aviator Pants.  This is the first boy pattern I created and it is a household favorite for all of my kids.  I love that it is a fast sew in the most basic version, and that with all the options you can have a drawer full of everything from basic joggers to cargos and comfy jeans.

I grabbed this super comfy cozy fleece from Joanns, and the modern print and fun colors just made Beckett smile.  He has declared these the best pants EVER!  Mama for the win.

I paired these pants with a fun shirt.  You can get the graphic design in the free bonus from One Thimble Issue 14 that releases tomorrow, and speaking of OT, make sure to enter today's giveaway with this phenomenal prize package:
Prizes: (bundles excluded)
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