The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 7, The Collect All Drawstring Bag
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The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 7, The Collect All Drawstring Bag

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Raise your hand if you are feeling all the love this December!!!

We're half way through the 12 days at WWD... which means 6 freebies have already gone up and now we start on the second half.  Today is Day Seven, and we have another amazing pattern that will make the perfect gift for so many people on your gift list.

Day 7 we bring to you...... The Collect All Drawstring Bag

This pattern is super special to me since it was a collaboration with Larissa of Connected by a Thread - thanks for being such a huge part of bringing this pattern to life girl!

Whether it is jewelry, makeup, toys, or collections... we all have sets of things that need a way to be contained before they take over our lives.  The Collect All Drawstring Bag is the perfect bag to keep all the trinkets contained no matter what they are!  Gather up all your fun woven fabrics and make a 'Collect All' for everyone you know.

Pocket Options -

  • Center Circle Zipper Pocket: Can be paired with either the Border Pocket or the Welt Pockets
  • Border Pocket: Can be paired with the Center Circle Zipper Pocket
  • Side Welt Pocket: Can be Paired with the Center Circle Zipper Pocket
I've made two of these so far with more cut out on my cutting table.  The first bag above is made out of a beautiful fabric I picked up in my travels to India almost 20 years ago.  I love when fabrics hold stories and can be made into beautiful keepsakes housing memories new and old.  I used the border pockets and center zipper pocket in the green bag making it the most amazing jewelry bag.  For the Collect All below, I kept the bag simple with one interior welt pocket.  This makes a great makeup bag....I'm trying to convince myself I should part with it and send it on it's way as a gift, but I do love it so much!!!

Check out these great makes by my elves - this is so perfect for boys and girls of all ages!!!



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