The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 11, The Color Block Magnolia Add On
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The 12 Days of Christmas: Day 11, The Color Block Magnolia Add On

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Raise your hand if you've heard some holiday music this December, raise your hand if you've eaten something delicious, raise your hand if you've smiled watching one of your children or friends try something new this holiday season, raise your had if you can't believe we are only 2 weeks away from Christmas!!!!!!!!!!  Put those hands up in the air and take a minute to privately (or publicly) celebrate - we all need to celebrate a little more, so give me a WOOT WOOT!

Ok, the 12 days are wrapping up but we still have today and tomorrow for 2 more gifts from me to you... and then these gifts will stay available so that you can keep feeling and spreading the love as you sew for yourself and those you love throughout the year.

Today I have an add on for you for my favorite pattern.... that's right, we've got one more thing for the Magnolia.  Seriously if you don't have this pattern you need it - and to help you get it, the pattern is on sale for just $5!!!  The base pattern itself is filled with options, but it is also my most hacked and added onto pattern of all time resulting in literally a gazillion options and ways to make it.  Yes 'gazillion' is a real number when it comes to this particular pattern.  Today I present to you the Color Block Magnolia Add On.

I made mine with lace for the top yoke, but you can mix in any fabric of your choice.  Grab your pattern piece here and read on below for the full tutorial.

This is an add on for the top of the pattern in the form of a new front yoke bodice piece.  I know that savvy sewers could probably figure this out on their own, but there is something nice in have a pattern piece where all the guess work is taken out of the equation and you know exactly what to do - am I right!

  • Ok, so start of with the new Color Block front yoke pattern piece - grab the file HERE.  
  • Print out the pages and put the pattern piece together.
  • Cut your Color Block front yoke on the fold.
  • Now take your new yoke piece and  lay it on top of your Magnoila Front Bodice piece.  Make sure you match the shoulder of the new piece and your Magnolia Bodice.
  • Transfer the dotted 'transfer this line' line to your Magnolia Front Bodice piece.  You might notice that the bottom of the color block piece is higher than the V neck line.  You are going to extend the center front line of your Magnolia Front Bodice piece up to the 'transfer this line' line. 
  • You will end up with 2 pieces that look like this.
  • Lay your main front bodice and your Color Block yoke right sides together.  Pin in place along the straight edge and sew with a 3/8 seam allowance. 
  • Continue with the remainder of the construction as written.
  • For finishing the neckline, you can do a banded neckline as written in the instructions with the new band measurements included in the new Color Block pattern piece, or you can do a turned hem.  I did a turned hem on mine becasue of the lace.  Turn 1/4 inch then 1/4 inch again and stitch along the fold.  Be careful not to stretch out the neckline as you sew and press with a lot of steam to help the neckline regain it's original shape.

Transform your Magnolia with the Color Block yoke as a top or dress... combine it with the Free Pocket add on for this pinspired look:

Or combine it with the bottom color blocking included in the pattern to make this popular look - I have one of these cut out for myself, but life - you know how it goes, HA!

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