Summertime Blog Tour Day Five
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Summertime Blog Tour Day Five

It's Friday!!!!!
Woohhhhhoooooo - I feel like I've fit three weeks worth of stuff into this week, welcome to summer!  I have been loving this summertime blog tour, it reminds me of the great clothes I have in my closet and the things I want to create for the best summer wardrobe ever.  With the 4th right around the corner; bring on the barbecues, firefly catching, and pool parties - I've got clothes for that!
I've also got a brand new release that is perfect year round, but has tons of summer options.  Go check out the Classic Shift and fall in love with this wardrobe staple.
Today we have Laurie and Kristin sharing their creations.  Laurie of The Bear and The Pea Atelier has sewn up some fun Endless Summer Shorts in knit that transfer seamslessly from day wear to sleep wear - genius!  Head on over to her blog to read all about it!
Next Up we have Kristen, guest posting here at WWD - Take it away girl!!!!
Winter Wear Designs Summer Blog Tour is coming to an end soon – I sure hope all the AMAZING garments have truly inspired you for your summer sewing this season – I know I have been!!!

I had made a reSEWlution this year to sew all the new garments I wanted for my wardrobe and my boys wardrobes. Well that was a massive fail come end of January while I was in the process of making myself some joggers and each of my boys some rain jackets from softshell, the lower looper cracked in my serger. !!!!!! I then had to wait an entire month just to get my machine in for repair by appointment. Then I had to wait almost 4 months to get my machine back due to a crucial part on backorder which had been causing skipped stitches for the last 3 years.

But when the summer tour was announced and I was JUST getting my machine back and tested out, I was so EXCITED to get started on my contribution to the Tour. If you haven’t already grabbed your copy of the Rover Pants and Shorts as well as the Perfect Panel Tee – You have NO idea what you are missing out on. These 2 patterns are not only unisex, but so versatile AND in a bundle for only $10!! What a steal!

The inspiration for my boys new outfits is a particular Pixar movie that has just been released that my two boys are really excited to see, we even prepped with a marathon of the previous 3 movies in advance. We are going to see this new movie next week!

I have 2 totally opposite boys in physique. The youngest is for lack of better words – the literal Hulk, he’s large and short tempered. The other kid is a string bean of arms and legs, his limbs are the only parts of him that seem to grow! My youngest has thick thighs, short legs for his size/weight, thick arms and big shoulders and laterals, he’s quite the muscular build – he has the exact same Waist/Hip/Chest measurement as my 4.5 year old at 21 months.
Both pairs of Rovers are made with a stretch twill I have been holding onto for a few years. I made no adjustments at all for the size 2 Rovers to fit the Hulk – they fit amazing as is, just some length to grow! For my long arms and legs 4.5 year old, I only extended the leg length to a 5 from the overall size 3, and I could have omitted the extra room for a diaper but tried as is anyways just to see the fit. I still think they fit good though considering, he does have a short rise naturally. I can’t wait to try out more fabrics and looks with this pattern.

With the Perfect Panel Tee, genius Suzanne, knows how crazy different 2 kids from the same parents can be. Her twin boys are total opposites as well. So she has a ‘Slim fit’ and ‘Regular Fit’ for this pattern, which is also great because as I am sure lots of us are aware – Shirt Panels can come in some of the strangest of sizes – hence the creation of this amazing pattern. For my boys I actually did both of theirs in the Regular fit and 0 adjustments whatsoever. Like no mods, no size blending, no nothing. These fit fabulous!!! I used custom printed jersey fabrics for my oldest, and custom printed French terry for the youngest. The fit for my totally opposite boys has me amazed. Love. Lots more of these to come!!
I hope you follow the Facebook group Winter Wear Designs Fun to see all the amazing creations!

Happy Sewing!!
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