Sew the Days Away: Show me the Mashups!
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Sew the Days Away: Show me the Mashups!

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What is a Mashup???

Well dear readers, I am so glad that you asked.  A mashup is any time that you take components from two different patterns and combine them to make a new pattern.  This is a really fun way to create custom looks and to stretch your sewing abilities and creativity.  If you are newer to sewing, it can be very intimidating to Frankenstein pieces of a pattern together - which is why I, and my team of amazing ladies, are here to walk you through the process. 

The best first step is to take patterns that both have similar fits in the bodice.  For instance, if you try to merge pieces from a relaxed fit drop waist bodice pattern with a fitted empire waist pattern; you might be setting yourself up for a difficult road.  That is why the Days Away Mashup is so great, these are two patterns with similar bodices and fit - wohooooo!!!!!

All right - if you don't have the patterns yet, grab the bundle HERE (2 patterns for $10, say WHAT!!!).  And if you already have one of the patterns, just use the code DaysAwayMash to save $2.95 off the pattern you want!

Now who is ready for some gorgeous inspiration???

Sandra Schommer decided to Mashup the Squared Away bodice front with the Day by Day tunic gathered skirt. I love the classic elegance of this look in this floral print.

For the BACK, Sandra took the Squared Away back neck line and merged it with the back of the Day by Day to have the button closure and the straight across bottom of the back bodice.  Snaps are an awesome way to close up a button back without having to sew any button holes.

A little bit of delicate trip and an easy hack of lengthening the sleeve to a full long sleeve length finish off this adorable number.

Next up, we have Aurelie Taburet!  Aurelie took the bodice and skirt of the Squared Away and added the pockets and gathered sleeve from the Day by Day.

Like Sandra, Aurelie lengthened her sleeve from 3/4 to long sleeve length - hmmmm, I think my girls are trying to tell me something, HA!  And how cute is that little flower pin that she added to the front of the bodice, sooooo sweet.

Last but not least, take a look at this stunner from Dora Pica.  From the front it might look like Dora has offered up a beautiful take on the Day by Day.... but wait there is more!!!  First Dora added some awesome mustard trim to the seam between the sleeve and the flounce, I just love details like that.  But wait.... there is more!!!
See that awesome high low side view... wait, that isn't part of the Day by Day.  Dora took the back bodice of the Squared Away and combined it with the Day by Day front.  The curved bottom of the back bodice creates the sweet high low hem.  Combine that with this great plaid fabric, the denim leggings and boots and I want this outfit!  But wait.... there is more!!!!

Dora went one step further and fully enclosed all the seams on her bodice.  Eeeeeeeekkkk, I love when people finish the insides of their garments as beautifully as the outside.  I kept the instructions for both of these patterns fairly simple in the construction phase to make sure that they weren't too intimidating for people starting out... but learning to do a fully enclosed bodice is definitely a way to stretch your sewing skills.  Be on the lookout for a tutorial on this in the future!

WOW!  And again I say, wow!!!  Such great mashups and such amazing creativity.  
Grab your bundle and get your own creativity flowing!

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