reSEWlutions: Palckets Blog Tour, Day 4
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reSEWlutions: Palckets Blog Tour, Day 4

We're drawing close to the end of our week looking at plackets with so many amazing things to dazzle your eyes. If you haven't been following along all week, make sure to check out Tuesday's and Thursday's amazing creations, and come back tomorrow for the last post!!!

Today I'm going to cut my personal gabbing short because we have THREE phenomenal bloggers here to share their creations with you, so let's get on to that!

First up we have Liv of Liviality...ummm, can we say 'jaw on the floor'!!!!  Liv is an expert hacker so she combined the skirt of the Satara with the waistband of the Crop Dress.  Now, if you are as much in love as I am but not as interested in hacking, have no fear - be on the lookout for this pattern coming soon!!!!

Ok, next up we have Meriel of Elli&Nels sewing up the Blithe.  Just look at that perfect placket and that gorgeous fabric.  You are going to have to head over to Meriel's blog to see the rest and hear her thoughts on the Blithe Placket.

Last but not least, we have Kristen Smith guest blogging here at WWD.  I am so thankful to have Kristen here on the blog and in my life.  She is my go to XXS/00 tester helping me make sure these sizes are built correctly for women with small builds everywhere.  But enough of me.... Kristen can speak just fine for herself, give her a big round of applause for her debut on the WWD Blog!!!!


My first ever blog post of any kind, I am very excited to be a guest blogger on Plackets!

I must admit, I was really unsure just what pattern to pick to focus on plackets – Suzanne has such a big selection, not to mention ALL the various options for customizing the garments, the decision was really hard. But I ultimately selected the Button Up Top, I have a decent sized stack of flannel shirting fabric I have accumulated in the last 4 years and felt I really needed to use some of this fabric.

This year, as my reSEWlutions, I want to work towards an entire Me Made Wardrobe. Carefully selected patterns and fabrics based on my favorite looks and cozy fabrics (what can I say, I am Canadian!). I love buffalo check, it has been my most favorite print since high school, 20 years ago!! Maybe it’s because I am Canadian, maybe it’s because I have always loved plaids and lumberjacks – don’t know, but I needed to use my buffalo check to make a rad button front shirt as a staple for my wardrobe. 

I love to pair plaids and buffalo checks with more feminine prints and pieces, like this minimal stretch faux tweed Fashionista Jacket, and the reversible floral Starting Point Tank. Notice all me made, and all WWD?!! I love it. 

I hadn’t made this pattern before, even though I had bought it awhile ago in the Back2School bundle. Going through the steps, it was so easy to follow along and a much quicker sew than I was expecting! It actually took me longer to cut out all the pieces and attempt to line up the checks, than it did to sew, top stitch and all the button holes! As usual, Suzanne makes her patterns easy to follow, includes lots of tips and ways of altering the pattern to fit your own figure.  

Like everything I was told as a child, practice makes perfect. If you are intimidated or scared – don’t be! You never know how good you can be until you make the attempt. Keep at it, take breaks when you are frustrated, but keep at it. The reward of completion is always worth it! It is one of the things that I love about sewing, there is always room for improvement, and always something new to learn and conquer!

Happy sewing!! 


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