Magnolia Day 4: All about the Fabric!!!
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Magnolia Day 4: All about the Fabric!!!

 Welcome back to our Magnolia Re-Release Blog Tour!!!

In case you missed it, the Magnolia Fit and Flare Top&Dress has been updated to include size 00-30, have separate layers for every size, and now includes a Layered A0 Print and a Layered Projector file!!! 

Today we're taking a closer look at fabric.  One of the things I've always loved about the Magnolia is that I could make it out of pretty much any knit fabric that I had on hand in my stash.  4 ways stretch, 2 way stretch, super stretchy, not so stretchy, this or thick....they've all worked for me.  BUT every fabric will behave differently.  A rayon spandex will drape much more than a cotton jersey.  A 2 way stretch fabric will end up hanging shorter than it's 4 way stretch counterpart and will fit more snugly through the armscye and upper arms.  The most important thing is to make sure that your neck band has enough stretch and recovery.  Some fabrics you will need to lengthen or shorten the band length to accommodate, and some fabrics will simply never work right as a neck band.

Here are just a few of the vastly different fabrics I've used:

Ribbed Sweater Knit with good recovery, 4 way stretch

Cotton Jersey, primary stretch horizontal

Main: Thick Poly Knit with 2 way stretch 
Stripes: Thicker Mystery Lycra blend with 4 way stretch, great drape, and good recovery 

Larissa is our guest blogger today and has an amazing fabric choice showdown over on her blog, Connected By a Thread.  She has sewn up four versions in four different fabrics to show how they all work but behave in different ways. Brushed Poly, Cotton Jersey, Textured Sweater Knit, and Mystery Poly are today's contenders.  Head on over to her blog and read all about it!

Don't forget, this phenomenal pattern is yours for only $3, but this deal wont last long!!!

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