Holiday Blog Tour: Day One
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Holiday Blog Tour: Day One

The Holidays are COMING!!!!!!!!! And no matter where you live or what kind of celebrations you get to take part in over the next 6 weeks, I'm sure you have plans to sew.  Whether you are working on something to wear, something to give, or something to decorate your home; the Holidays equal less sleep and more creativity in my life than any other time in the year.

All week long we will be sharing holiday creations new and from the past - we hope they inspire you to get in the groove and procrastinate on anything you should be doing to get ready fro Thanksgiving... oh not an American, well good - you just saved yourself 3 days and 30,000 calories, HA!!!!!

I'm kicking off this year with this year's Christmas Dress for Mack.  As she grows older, she becomes more opinionated.  She picked this fabric out back in August and I loved her choice.  Then she said she wanted a Wildflower Dress... but that is for wovens, hmmmm.  So I decided to mash up the bodice of the Carousel Collection with the Skirt of the Wildflower to get the look in knit.  I was short on fabric, and inspired by Pinterest - and a bridesmaids dress I was gifted that was just begging to be upcycled.  I created this layered skirt by using the knee length high low skirt from the Wildflower and layering it over a simple gathered skirt layer.  I was limited by the amount of fabric I was upcycling so it wasn't quite as full as I'd envisioned - but the girl is completely smitten and said she loves it as is -I think our days of full skirts and poof may be fading away, sigh.


The dress is comfortable, easy to wear, and I'm sure will get worn quite a bit between now and the end of December.

Speaking of Christmas Dresses for my Mack - The Bateau has been our go-to in years past.  It is a gorgeous silhouette that makes for picture perfect dresses every time.  Last year's hack to add sleeves to the Bateau was the birthplace of the Wildflower pattern.

And a few more Bateaus from Christmases Past...she was so tiny!
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