Hack-a-Thon Day Five
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Hack-a-Thon Day Five

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Day 5 of the Hack-a-Thon Blog Tour and I think we can all say this blog tour has been AMAZING!!!!  But don't worry we saved some killer hacks for last.  Also, head on over to the WWDFun FB group, becasue I have one last giveaway today!

So now lets get to to thee amazing bloggers today:

Liv of Liviality has hacked the Provence Pea Coat into fun and flirty pea coat dress that dreams are made of.  Head over to Liv's blog to see all this gorgeousness and to convince me that this needs to become a new pattern... yeah!!!

Laurie of the Bear and the Pea Atelier has taken the Perfect Panel Tee and given it an amazing front pocket hack that I'm thinking I need to try for my kids right now!  Check out her blog for a step by step tutorial of how to make your own!

And third, we have Patricia of Sew Far North.  Patricia started with the Refined Raglan pattern and created an on trend tunic that is perfect for fall - and has POCKETS!!!  Seriously, I love this, it is so so cute.  Check out all the pictures and how she did it over on her blog!!!

Thank you to all of my amazing bloggers this month who have shared their inspiration, creativity, and talent with us - you inspire me to keep sewing and keep trying new things!!!!!

Don't miss out on any of the stops along the tour!!!!

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Patricia of Sew Far North
Livia of Liviality

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