Getting Creative with the Classics: Day 2
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Getting Creative with the Classics: Day 2

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Welcome back to day 2 of the 'Getting Creative with the Classics' Blog Tour where we are focusing on 3 amazing patterns that can easily fill all of your wardrobe needs.

First up today we have phenomenal Rachel of Violet and Jewels sharing her stunning version of the Omega/Classic Shift.  First off, I'm in love with this fabric - I'f you've seen my Classic Shift Cover, then you'll know I have a bit of a thing at the moment for mustard florals!  If you've ever wondered if the Omega could become a dress, we now have our answer!!!  But to see the entirety of Rachel's look, you are going to have to go over to her blog - GO....look at it.... I want it.... I NEED IT!!!!

Next up we have the illustrious Ilse of Sew Sew Ilse showing off her tester versions of the Creative Cap Sleeve Top&Tunic.  Ilse has been testing for me for years, she constantly pushes me to be better and looks absolutely amazing in every single one of my patterns - I'm thinking it is becasue she is gorgeous!  But you have to check out both versions of the Creative Cap that she made over on her blog - they are both so different and so perfect.

Don't miss out on any of the creative inspiration!
Laura of Kitty Makes It
Ilse of Sew Sew Ilse
Suzanne of WWD
Florence of Ftmom3
Josianne of Sewista Fahion

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