Fly Girl Racing Suit
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Fly Girl Racing Suit

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This summer has been quite the adventure for our family.  We've enjoyed camp fires, kickball, too many hot dogs to count, and the sanctuary of the community pool.
Mack has always been our fish, and we decided to let her try out swim team this year.  She has grown a ton in confidence and ability in the last 5 weeks... and I have learned that swimmers need a TON of swimsuits, HA!  The Fly Girl Racing Suit simply came out of need.  We joined the team too late to order a team suit, and honestly Mack just doesn't fit traditional sizing all that well.  So I decided to draft one up for her, and thus the birth of the Fly Girl.

Making your own swim suit might sound complicated and like too much hassle, but SERIOUSLY it isn't that hard and you can get the perfect fit for your kiddo!!!!  Swimsuits don't take a ton of fabric, but that fabric does matter - as does the elastic you use.
So let's talk fabric - you want swim knit.  Swim knit is traditionally made of spandex/lycra.  It can be blended with other fabrics such as nylon or polyester, but you want to make sure the fabric you pick does NOT contain cotton.  I've gotten great deals on swim knit in the remnant bin!
For your elastic, I suggest using the beige/white cotton swim elastic.  You can also use clear elastic, but my daughter complained about the edges poking her on the turned edges.  If you are binding your edges it doesn't matter quite as much since the elastic will be fully enclosed.  Swim elastic is thicker and a bit easier to sew with, but will create a bulkier strap/edge than clear elastic.
You can all thank Jackie for the 18 inch Doll version, it is sooooo cute.

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