Back to School - What you need!
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Back to School - What you need!

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Hey, Hey, Hey, how excited are you about school starting back!?!??!  Ok, I realize that some of you are half way through your school year, or that you are one of the lucky few with year round school.  But here in the North Eastern part of the good ol' USA I am counting down the days until all three of my babies go to school - and 2 of those are starting full day Kindergarten - WOOOHOOOOO!!!!  But that count down also means, that my count down to back to school clothing is ON!

We had a thread in the FB group the other day about who we sew for and why.  Each of my kids has a reason why store bought clothes just aren't perfect, and that is a large part of why I sew for them.  But I also tend to love the looks of things from stores I can't afford, like Mini Boden, J Crew, Nordstroms, and Burberry (and let's not even delve into the single name designers and European collections that I fall in love with). So, by sewing for them I get to make things which actually fit, and make them things within my budget.

As I was searching this year to find out what my kiddos needed for back to school, I quickly came to see that there weren't many lists that covered clothes.  I guess that is probably because it can depend so much on climate, what age the child is, and what the dress code rules within the school are.  But, I still wanted something where I could make sure that I was generally on track with what they have in their closets.  So I came up with two lists, one for girls, one for boys.  Pin them, print them, use them, or ignore them ;o)

Now both of these lists are guides.  If you live in the southern part of the US, you might want to switch those long leggings out for shorties and half of the pants out for more shorts or skirts.  If you are farther north, you might want all long sleeve shirts.  But this general checklist will give you plenty of pieces to mix and match to cover your fall and winter needs.
You might discover as you sort through your kids current clothes, that they pretty much have all of this - that is awesome, you can spend your time sewing up the few pieces missing with more detail and customization, or you can get started on Halloween costumes and Christmas presents - cause dang those are coming fast!  I lucked out this year that Mack pretty much fits in everything from last year, and she got two huge bags of hand me downs from a girl with some great style.  So I really don't need much for her.  WOOT!  The boys on the other hand need quite a bit.  Especially Beckett who is down to 0 pants... none, ziltch, nada - ok, he has some sweatpants, but no jeans or dress pants.  He has a few pairs of shorts, but most are stained and ripped, so this boy needs most of a new wardrobe - better get sewing!
To make your Back 2 School sewing easier, I've put together some fun B2S bundles.  Four patterns that will give you the base to create most of what you need to fill up this list.  And you save 50%!  If you don't need all four, you can get any of the individual patterns for 33% of with the code: WWDB2S
Girls' Bundle
Boys' Bundle
Teen/Women's Bundle

Make sure to join the WWDFun FB group so that you don't miss out on any of the fun tips, tricks, and add ons I have to go with these patterns this month!!!  And of course I always want to see what you are sewing, so share pics and let me ohhh and ahhh!

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