Back to School Blog Tour: Day 1
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Back to School Blog Tour: Day 1

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Welcome to the 2019 Back to School
Blog Tour!!!!
All moth long we've been chatting int he group about patterns, mini capsule collections, and just how long I could possibly drag out the sewing of ONE dress........ HA!  So now is the time to sum up some of those thoughts and take a look at where our hard work has landed us.
Steps to a mini capsule:
  1. Take Inventory of what you have - there is no point in making a bunch of t-shirts if there is a full drawer of them that fit and are loved. Decide what you need. Check out this post for some quick checklists to make sure your kids are ready for school.
  2. Take new measurements - yep, kids tend to grow...I don't know why, but it seems to keep happening. And our own measurements can fluctuate from year to year. The last thing you want is to sew up a gorgeous collection only to find out that it doesn't fit. I've got some FREE handy dandy measurement charts for you HERE.
  3. Create a pinterest board or collect inspirational images. If sewing for the kids, ask them for input - ok...maybe you don't really WANT to ask....I've learned that I have an increasingly picky daughter on my hands. But if I'm going to make her something, I really do want her to love it and wear it all the time. This is the mood board Mack and I created for her mini collection.
  4. Make the pieces that you need and want!!!!! From the mood board, Mack and I created a mini capsule plan for the fall. Once we had the designs in place, she got to 'shop' in my fabric stash. I didn't limit her with any rules or make anything off limits. I'm honestly impressed at how well her capsule works - this kid's got skills.

Our game plan for Mack's mini capsule included:
Now as kids are want to do, some elements of this plan changed over time.  First, Mack decided that the Day Dreamer wasn't exactly what she wanted for her chambray dress - so I drafted a new one.  The button up cardigan transitioned into a free swinging cardigan as she decided she would never button it so didn't want them on the garment.  I mean - that's logical ;p  There are no basic T shirts in this capsule becasue has has tons of them, and somehow they really all match well with her capsule pieces.  I had to face the reality of time and decided not to push to get the Fahsionista and fur vest done before the first day.  Both items will get sewn up before the weather turns - I promise I'll show you all the finished results ;)
So one of the best things about making a mini capsule is showing all the ways it can be mixed and matched.  Mack joined in with me to create different pairings and find fun accessories in her drawers.  I think it really helped her think about how her clothes can work together and she has already mapped out her outfits for the first week of school, HAHAHAH!  Below are just a few of the ways she's planning to use these pieces this year.
Chambray Dress

(paired with Cardigan and Free 12 Days Leggings)
Phresh Jeggings
(Paired with Perfect Panel Tee & RTW tee shirts)

(Paired with RTW tee shirt and Cardigan)
Staple Skirt
(Paired with RTW tee shirt & Cardigan)
All the Bells and Whistles Tunic Dress
(paired with leggings, RTW tee & Phresh Jeggings, & Cardigan)

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