All Dressed Up Blog Tour: Spring Edition
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All Dressed Up Blog Tour: Spring Edition

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Welcome to the All Dressed Up Blog Tour: Spring Addition!!!

Every day we get 'dressed', we pick out clothes that help us in ways big and small show a bit of our personality.  We all have a 'uniform' of sorts -whether it be corporate, casual comfort, or yoga pants.  But we take that uniform of how we get dressed and mix in a bit of ourselves in accessories, fabric choices, and our personal swagger. 
Getting 'Dressed Up' can mean something slightly different to every one of us - for my boys it means putting on clean socks, sigh!  I've had periods of my life where I got dressed up every day for work, times when I got dressed up once a week on Sunday, and time periods where getting a shower meant that I was dressed up that day.  I've always been a firm believer that on the days I was feeling my worst, an outfit that made me feel pretty and gave me confidence could also have the power to lift the fog.
The All Dressed Up Blog Tour isn't all about fancy ball gowns and high heeled shoes - although it could be, this blog tour will take a look at the pieces that make us feel good about ourselves, the pieces that elevate our mood and help us walk into any room with our head held high, the pieces that may or may not be a part of our standard uniform.  With spring upon us and weddings, graduations, and social gatherings around the corner; getting dressed up might be more on your radar - so I encourage you as you dress yourself and your family, to redefine dressing up for you as we spring into sewing.

Check out Lisa of Mabey She Made it for our first stop on the Tour.  Lisa has taken the Classic shell and elevated it with faux embroidery that not only makes it pop but elevates it to a top that can go anywhere and be paired with anything.  Head over to her blog to check out all the details of how to do this yourself!


Today I am getting to show off my kiddos' Easter looks.  I admit that Easter is one of the times that I want my kids to wear what I grew up calling 'church clothes'.  I want them to dress up - but I still want to acknowledge that they are kids and allow their own personalities to show through.  Personalities never shine greater than when you are trying to get pictures in that 15 minute window while they are freshly dressed before they get dirty and before you are officially late to your destination.

Let's break down the looks starting with Mack.  So this is what seven looks like....hmmmmmm, I still see my baby girl, but I'm seeing a whole lot of the 17 year old she is destined to be.  Heaven help me as I raise this girl who will, no doubt, leave her imprint on the world.  Mack is wearing the brand new girls dress that is in testing right now.  This dress has a million options, but what I love is the classic lines that allow my girl to be seven.  The side zipper allows for a great fit without any elastic or big bows.  I sewed it up in a sweet plaid in my stash that screamed spring and that my girl looks gorgeous in. Mack spent all day in her dress - singing in the choir, hunting Easter eggs, and jumping on a trampoline - this is definitely kid tested/kid approved.  I can't wait to get this pattern in your hands, you are going to love it! 

Next up is Ash - After 2 years of growing, he finally outgrew his own Metro Blazer and luckily grew into his brothers, HA!  The blazer fit my color scheme perfectly and is such a striking look.  I gave my boy the choice of the blazer or a Cozumel shirt, and he selected the blazer - I kinda knew he would becasue it is 'cool' and fits his personality perfectly.  Paired with the blazer are the brand new Rover Shorts - these are almost done testing and they are amazing.  Slim fit - but not skinny, fun pockets, and easy on off with the elastic waist option make my boy a happy camper, and me a happy mom that he can have comfy and dressy shorts all in one.

And last but not least is my Bex.  It dawned on me less than 24 hours before Easter that this boy has not stopped growing this year.  A quick perusal of he closet made me realize that he had no nicer shirts that fit....ooooops!  I quickly set aside his own pair of Rover shorts with the knowledge that I had enough time to sew him one thing - not two.  I printed a new size of the Cozumel, grabbed my Flat Front Tutorial, and threw together a striking gingham shirt for him.  I'll admit that I don't always include my kids in the fabric choices for their outfits - it can lead to more disasters than solutions.  I knew I was using the green gingham - and my boy readily agreed because this color green is his FAVORITE.  But then my first inclination was to mix in another fabric for the back yoke - ideally the same plaid from his sister's dress to tie it all together.  A quick shake of his head let me know that was not going to fly.  I offered many other fabrics, all to the same head shake.  Then I asked if he wanted it to be ALL green - his eyes lit up and he nodded yes and said, 'but you can use this fabric on the inside part mommy'. 

I know for many the idea of sewing last minute is stress that they wouldn't want to take on -and there are plenty of times I've scrapped my plans because it wasn't worth it.  But this week was a rough one for me, a week where I did not feel in control and was struggling to see the Saturday was supposed to be non-stop and then our plans all changed and I had this chunk of time.  Coming back to something I love and using that time to create beauty in the chaos calmed my soul in way that felt like a gift.  There is nothing like watching my three kids wear things that I made, literally wrapped up in my love.

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