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Real Deal Jeans Sew Along

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real deal jeans sew alongWe're sewing the Real Deal Jeans!!!  Join in by grabbing your pattern HERE for 20% off.  I'll be in the event group checking in to help answer questions about any and everything, but the AMAZING Jackie Burney will be the one taking point and leading this awesome sew along.  She knows her stuff and has great tips and tricks for you along the way.  So without further ado, here is Jackie:

Join the Event to get all the inside information and to share your progress and ask questions.


It's SEW ALONG, Day 1!!!! Welcome, y'all!

Before we get started, I wanted o tell y'all about myself as your fearless leader in this adventure. I'm Jackie Burney. I'm 6' tall with a 36" inseam. This is relevant because normal mall stores don't sell pants long enough for me to buy off the rack, and so I sew. Before I could sew for myself, my mother sewed for me. Her mother taught her, whose mother taught her... The thread is strong in our family.
I've been sewing since I middle school at least, but I got much more interested in it after I graduated college in 2000. I've made lots of mistakes along the way, but I try to learn from them all, so by now I've learned lots in my sewing journey. So let's say I have about 20+ years of sewing knowledge.
I like a polished tailored style, though as my lifestyle changes, how I interpret that changes. I like well fitting pants, and tops with shape, though on most days that just means jeans or shorts and a well fitting Target tee because I'm a SAHM. Either way, you'll only find me in leggings if I am on my way to or from Pilates. Though I must admit the yoga waistbands are so welcoming.
I joined the Winter Wear admin team last year. Poor Suzanne Winter must've gotten tired of my constant messages with sketches, asking for specific items, or suggesting alternative ways to achieve fit, that she gave in and brought me into the "circle of trust". It's been fantastic watching WWD grow, and I'm excited to go through one of my favorite patterns with you this week!

(here is our fearless leader wearing three of the different RDJ's that she has made)

Here's our time frame, though it's not written in stone.

Monday, 5/16 - Fabric selection, getting your measurements, and printing/taping/cutting the pattern.
Tuesday, 5/17 - Muslining and getting the best fit
Wednesday 5/18 - Cutting the good stuff
Thursday, 5/16 - Back construction and rear pockets
Friday, 5/17 - Front construction and zipper
Saturday, 5/18 - Waistband, belt loops, and buttons
Sunday, 5/19 - Show & tell

This is where things get all wacky. We are all built differently, and what one might consider an obstacle, another yearns for. I have long, long legs, and absolutely no rear end. My mother calls me a "butt less wonder". At any rate, in my 20+ years of sewing, I've learned how to alter patterns to fit me. But first we have to pick a size.
For this pattern, you need to know a few things to start - waist, high hip, hip and inseam. Mine are W=32", HH=38", H=40", I=36"
According to my measurements, I fluctuate between a size 8 waist, a size 12 high hip, and a size 10 hip. I've made these jeans several times before in an 8 and been happy, but they are a little tighter these days. I will start my muslining process with a size 10 because I know that I have not gone up two sizes since I can still pull up and zip my older RDJs. Page 3 of the pattern says that the inseam length is 31" for the RDJ, and my inseam is 36", so I know straight away that I will need to add at least 5" in length to my pants pattern pieces.

Join into the EVENT group to get help with picking your size and to learn how to take your own measurements!

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