Take Measurements - thank me later!
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Take Measurements - thank me later!

back 2 school back to school free measurement charts printable sheet

As you are sewing for back to school, don't forget this very important step in the process - TAKE MEASUREMENTS!!!

It seams so basic, but this one step will save you tears and frustration down the road.

Beckett just keeps growing  - everywhere.  Last year I was making him a size 7 with 5 length, this year I am making a 10 width with 8 length.  Yep - that is the size for my 5 year old!  But I wouldn't have realized without taking his measurements.  Mack on the other hand was up to a full 7 by last Christmas, and is now back into a size 6 with all the summer activities slimming down some of her chub.

So grab those kiddos between the pool and the playground and wrangle them for 5 minutes of measurements.  You might be surprised by how much they have changed over the summer!

To help you out, I've made some easy to sue measurement sheets for you.  There are individual forms for women and kids, a multi kids sheet, and a family sheet that includes measurements for the man in your life - in case you're brave enough to sew for him too!  Make sure to say an extra thank you to Jackie Burney for helping me to pull these together to share with you all!!!

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