Straight Leg Jeans Tutorial: Phresh Jegging & Sk8 Skinnies
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Straight Leg Jeans Tutorial: Phresh Jegging & Sk8 Skinnies

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Hello!!!!!!!!  How are those Back to School wardrobes turning out.  Are you having fun sewing, feeling stressed, done?  I'm pretty close to being done for Beckett, and he is the one who really needed new clothes, so my other two I'll work on more once the kids are in school and I have more time for sitting on the couch and eating bon bons - I mean.....SEWING ;o)

But today, I want to share with you a simple tutorial for transforming your Phresh Jeggings or Sk8 Skinnies into straight leg jeans.  Both of these patterns were designed to reflect the skinny styles that have been and still are all the rage in kids clothes.  Sometimes you just want a regular pair of jeans though - a straight leg pair for school, for play, for everyday.  So that is what this tutorial is all about.  And when I say it is simple, I'm serious.  You get to keep the great fit through the waist and hip in post patterns, all the great details, and now you just have a straight cut leg.

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Let's get started!
  • First print out and assemble your pattern.  Start with your front pattern piece, lay it out on your fabric - or on another piece of paper if you want to create a reusable pattern.
  • For the Boys Sk8's:  Take a straight edge and line it up with the end of the curve of the inseam. Slide it out until is is 1/2 inch from the edge of the leg. (my clear ruller has a handy dandy purple section that is 1/2 inch making it easy to line up the inside of the purple section with the top of the inseam.) You are adding width to this portion of the leg to make the fit correct for a straight leg.  Draw the new inseam straight down, and you will end about 1 inch in from the original inseam hem.  Repeat for your outseam, lining up your straight edge with the end of the curve coming off the hip.  

  •  For the Girl's Phresh Jeggings:  Take a straight edge and line it up about 1 inch from the inseam hem.  Draw straight up until you hit the original leg line at about mid thigh.  Draw a line across to the outseam and draw a line straight down to the hem using your straight edge.  This will give you more of a fitted leg in the upper thigh before starting the straight leg which will give you a more feminine silhouette. (***the girls Phresh Jeggings are designed to hit at the top of the foot, so add 1-1.5 inches for these to brush the ground like standard straight legs)

  • Repeat this process on the back piece using your front piece to mark at what point you start straightening the leg.
There you go - sew them up like normal and you will have awesome straight leg jeans for your kiddos to love.

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